Fall is Here! Are you ready?

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Learning from New York fashion trends, here is what you will need to be on track for this fall! Jewelry that's colorful, sparkly, and downright statement-making is the overall theme. Keep in mind the outrageous styles at the fashion shows most of us won't actually wear, however, those trends trickle down to the consumer in a more day-to-day style. So, what have we learned? What do we need to stock our closets with?

Here is the quick and dirty for "Fall Must-Haves":

Overall Trends

  • Pearls 
  • Colorful Gemstones
  • Silver is the Metal of the Season
  • Tassels 
  • Rhinestone-studded jewels

 .        .      

    Necklace Trends - View EthanAdeline Necklaces

    • Multi-Strand Necklaces
    • Chain
    • Multi-Metal & Materials

    Earring Trends - View EthanAdeline Earrings

    • Extra Long Dangly Earrings
    • Matching Sets (Necklace & Earrings) 
    • Mismatching Earrings or a Single Earring
    • Symmetry was not necessary or recommended

    Bracelet Trends - View EthanAdeline Bracelets

    • Chunky Bracelets 


    We hope you found this interesting and helpful.  Check out our items to get yourself ready to be fashionable this fall!


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